Must-Read Blog Posts

2 Mar

Lately, we’ve read a lot of pretty amazing blog posts that we think are crucial for anyone, non-dog owners included, to read. So, to cap off this week of exciting events (more on that to come later in the month, hopefully!), we decided to highlight just a few of them here today. If you haven’t read them, please click through and do so. If you have, well gosh darn it, read them again!

First up, we have the amazing story of Olive from the Bad Rap Blog.

Olive was severely neglected at a no-kill shelter where she was deemed “dog aggressive.” Bad Rap stepped in and brought this girl back from the brink and allowed her to blossom through lots of love, comfort and patience.

Next up, we have a blog post that not only inspired us, but taught us a heck of a lot about how we could be better ambassadors for the breed we love so much. Our good friends at Love and a Six-Foot Leash wrote a brilliant post (it may even be their most popular post to date) about how our words have a significant effect on the impressions our dogs make on other people.

Our third post comes from the always awesome StubbyDog, revealing that there’s more to a dog than just how it was raised. There are many things that factor in to creating a dog’s temperament, emphasizing the fact that with adult dogs, more often than not, what you see is what you get.

Paws Abilities brings us our next post, which stresses one of the most important concepts in pit bull (and canine) advocacy: every dog is an individual. Focusing on a dog’s past will not serve the dog in it’s future. It’s important to evaluate each dog as just that: a dog. Then work out the individual issues and takes the appropriate steps in resolving them.

Finally, we have a fascinating blog post from one of our heroes, Dr. Sophia Yin, who writes about positive and negative reinforcement and punishment.

She defines what all those terms really mean, and how we can best use the tools we have to get the desired response from our dogs.

And on that note, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have our biggest pack walk to date with the Big Apple Pittie Pack, so you’ll be reading all about that (and those other exciting events we mentioned earlier) very soon!

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