March’s “Touch of Pit…”

1 Mar

March’s Touch of Pit is Boo. We recently met Boo on a visit to a nearby dog park. This Cane Corso stood out from the crowd. He was regal and soulful. While his canine sibling, a chocolate lab, bounced with a ball in the park, Boo stood by his mom. Although he wasn’t playing with other dogs, he politely sniffed new dogs and occasionally made the rounds. He was quite the gentleman  and greeted strangers well. Boo’s mom explained he was an NYC Animal Care & Control rescue. He made quite the impression!  

When we posted a pic of Boo on our Facebook, we realized most of our NYC rescuers were very familiar with Boo who was named Bruno at the ACC. Thanks to our friend Sabrina for digging up his original “plea” below. He had aced his evaluation! And, at 69 lbs,  he was pretty underweight. His new mom fattened him up to a more appropriate weight and  now he looks amazing. And, he has the softest coat ever! I think Boo lucked out that his first family had “no time” for him. We can’t wait to see Boo again in the park!

BRUNO – A749042 – 6 yr old NEUTERED Mastiff/ Cane Corso mix – 69lbs – OS, 11/20 – No time

Tag 1: Dog follows at the end of the leash with soft body ,low tail and open relaxed mouth

Squeeze 1: 1 Gently pulls paw away

Squeeze 2: 1 Gently pulls paw away

Food: 1 Lifts head and ceases eating

Toy: 1 No interest

Rawhide: 1 No interest

Dog to dog: 1 Approaches the helper dog submissively with low tail and ears back

Helper 882675


2 Responses to “March’s “Touch of Pit…””

  1. barbara Kennedy March 1, 2012 at 10:16 AM #

    Handsome dog. I liked reading his history. He makes a great March “touch of pit”

  2. Pearl the Puppy March 1, 2012 at 2:41 PM #

    Tag, you’re it! I just tagged you- check my blog for questions. If you’ve already been tagged just post a link to your previous post.

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