Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Cable

30 Jan

Our good friend Ann, of Canine King, passed this handsome boy on to us – it’s Cable from Yonkers Animal Shelter.

Cable’s Petfinder profile says:

“Cable is a large brindle dog with a very calm personality and a kind look on his face. He takes treats so gently, you would think he lived in a home and knew his manners, but he lived outside and wore a length of cable for his leash and collar. That’s how he got his name. I think if he was smaller, he would get more exposure and would have been adopted years ago! But, because he is a big dog, he doesn’t get out and walked as often as his smaller shelter mates do!”

From what we understand, Cable has been living at Yonkers Animal Shelter for two years, and no one can give it any other explanation other than his size. He’s just a gentle giant looking for a loving home. So if you or someone you know can give that to sweet Cable, please contact the shelter’s Volunteer Adoption Coordinator Leslie by calling (201) 981-3215 or emailing


2 Responses to “Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Cable”

  1. barbara Kennedy January 30, 2012 at 10:23 AM #

    He does have a really sweet face- kind eyes and beautiful markings. I hope that your blog helps him to find a home.

  2. Two Grads January 30, 2012 at 10:57 AM #

    wow, gorgeous pup.

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