December’s “Touch of Pit”

30 Nov

This month’s “Touch of Pit” features the little ears of sweet, little Kiara.

We met Kiara during a series of free training classes offered by The Bully Project in Ft. Tryon Park, here in Manhattan. Kiara’s owners were very new to dog ownership and training, and we were so thrilled to see them there, especially when Kiara was so young. We knew that they would get a great head start on becoming a breed ambassador team.

Over the weeks, we watched Kiara flourish into a very smart, goofy, and loveable pittie pup. Her first week she didn’t even know the command “sit,” but learned that in one hour. By the end of our 6 week course, she had mastered “roll over,” as you can see in this video:

We’re so proud to know Kiara and know that she’s going to become a great positive force in pit bull awareness – showing people how wonderful our dogs can be!


2 Responses to “December’s “Touch of Pit””

  1. barbara Kennedy November 30, 2011 at 10:12 AM #

    I am fortunate in that Ft. Tryon is my regular dogpark. I got to see classes as they were going on. Little Kiara was kind of amazing.I’m pretty sure she was the baby of the class. Her skills increased weekly.

  2. Of Pit Bulls and Patience November 30, 2011 at 7:23 PM #

    What a cute bunny! I mean pit bull… either way, she’ll be a model citizen!

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