Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Bowser

28 Nov

For this week’s adoptable, we head back to Animal Haven, and bring you Bowser!

From Animal Haven’s website:

“Hi! I’m Bowser and I’m a super sweet face-licking-ninja pittie.  Come within range and -POW- you’ll get the lickin’ of your life.  I have a solid and sweet disposition, and am super happy to meet any and all.  I might bark if you wake me up from a deep sleep, but who wouldn’t? I am extremely playful, and up for anything!”

“My foster dad during Hurricane Irene described me as a “Velcro dog,” who will hang with you no matter what you have going on. I am also a very quick study! He was very impressed at how quickly I was able to pick-up hand targeting and catch treats in the air!  Have I mentioned how much I love treats?”

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in giving Bowser a loving forever home, please call Animal Haven at (212) 274-8511.


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