Thankful Letter from Lucy

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I can’t wait to eat some turkey! Turkey! Daddy never gives me people food, but I think if I snuggle up to him enough, and show him how thankful I am that he’s mine, he just might give me some noms. I’ll let you know what happens.

Two weeks ago, Dad and I set a goal for ourselves: get My Boy Bill adopted by Thanksgiving. Well, we didn’t do it. Sad face. My Boy Bill is still living with us (and if I am being honest, I’m pretty thankful for that)!

Bill and I have become pretty good buddies. We like to lay cuddled up together with Dad, and share our toys. We even share our deer antlers – I get it for a little while, then I give it to Bill, and then he gives it back!

But what we’re really grateful for is your support in helping Animal Haven rebuild their Recovery Road Fund. They spent a lot of money making My Boy Bill feel better, and now with the help of our generous donors, they can help another animal (hopefully another deserving pittie!) feel better, too. But you can still donate! And enter our raffle! We’d be eternally thankful if you did!

Now go eat some turkey and give some to your pittie friends! (Side note from Josh & Jennifer: Lucy & Bill love getting special treats, but please be smart about what you feed your pets. Check out this great info from the ASPCA and have a wonderful holiday!)


One Response to “Thankful Letter from Lucy”

  1. barbara Kennedy November 24, 2011 at 1:09 PM #

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. I enjoy your pictures, and stories. Bill has made amazing health progress. Must be the environemnt he’s in as well as medical treatment.
    Barbara (ft. tryon park).

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