Pitties You Should Know

11 Nov

What a week it has been! Before it’s over, we want to share some pitties that we think EVERYONE should know about. From therapy dogs to pups who get discriminated against by just the way they look. Enjoy…and share!


Gremlin on her way to do some therapy work…

You gotta love her name! This girl Gremlin is so lucky that an undercover police officer  saw past her scars of dog fighting and broken limbs. Gremlin and her dad are a therapy team in Ohio and recently have been told they need to stop visiting a school in Parma, OH since the city discriminates against “pit bulls.” Watch Gremlin in action and hear what the kids that used to read to her have to say.


Simba as a pup

Poor Simba was given a death sentence in Worcestershire, England, when the dog escaped its garden, all because of his looks and the Dangerous Dog Act. A local “breed specialist” has told the family  that “he is too close to a pit bull to fight that classification” made by the police but that he was a “lovely dog.” With specialists’ assessments, along with the promise of securing the garden, Simba’s family is hoping that he can be exempt from the DDA. You can keep up with Simba’s future on her FB Page.

Dusty, Monroe, Reilly, & Razzle

Lucky dogs

In a world before Bad Newz Kennels being exposed, dogs that were confiscated from dog-fighting rings were never given a chance to be adopted. They were always deemed too dangerous to be adopted. Luckily, the Vick Dogs were given a second chance. And, now many other dogs are given a second chance because they are being looked at as individuals. In Michigan: Dusty, Monroe, Reilly and Razzle will have a second chance because of a smart, progressive judge who overturned these pups’ death sentences.

And, of course, My Boy Bill


Please don’t forget to donate to My Boy Bill’s fundraiser! You could even be entered to win some really amazing prizes including a collar from Sirius Republic, grooming products from Pet Head, a gift package from star Bernadette Peters, a one-of-a-kind drawing from Justin “Squigs” Robertson, or a photo shoot with The Phantom of the Opera!

We hope you and your pitties have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “Pitties You Should Know”

  1. barbara Kennedy November 11, 2011 at 2:45 PM #

    I read this blog whenever it’s posted. What a great chance to meet and appreciate pitties.
    My best to Bill- who has to be one heck of a healthy guy to survive his medical issues.
    Great blog!!

  2. That Touch of Pit ... November 11, 2011 at 3:25 PM #

    Barbara: you have to meet Bill! Hopefully we can get him uptown soon so he can give you lots of pittie love!

  3. Two Pitties in the City November 11, 2011 at 5:55 PM #

    Good Luck Bill! Miss M and Mr B are thinking of you!

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