Introducing…My Boy Bill!

8 Nov

My Boy Bill

A little over a month ago, Animal Haven pulled a beautiful but very sick Pit Bull from the city shelter. He was suffering from a deep bone bacterial and heart valve infection and was extremely emaciated. He could barely walk and was in obvious pain. With the help of a Good Samaritan who wanted this special dog to have a second chance, Animal Haven sprung into action.

He was immediately taken to an emergency veterinary hospital where he stayed for a little while and was then moved to Animal Haven’s regular veterinarian. Today, though, I am thrilled to report that Bill is living with me as my newest foster pup and has nearly completed his treatment!

While at the emergency vet, Bill had a surgery to amputate one of the toes on his left front paw.



They did a wonderful job with that, but Bill had to remain with them for about a week so he could be constantly monitored. His body was so riddled with infection that they weren’t even sure he would survive. Thankfully, he pulled through – but when he was finally stable enough to no longer live at the vet’s office, it was decided that a shelter environment would not be the best place for him. His immune system was still vulnerable, and being among lots of dogs, always coming and going, would have been risky. Bill needed to go into foster care.

So that’s where I stepped in. Early one Saturday morning, just over two weeks ago, I went down to the vet’s office and picked Bill up. That morning, I learned Bill loves car rides – and watching the world pass by. He could sit and people watch for hours – he and I have that in common. We don’t really know much else about this big mush. We’re guessing he’s about a year and a half old and he’s sweet as sugar. He probably came from a family who cared for him, because he was already housebroken, and his only goal in life is to be getting attention from a human – doesn’t matter who, as long as they’re loving on him.

Me & Bill

It took this Good Samaritan to start the process of saving an otherwise easily overlooked dog at a city shelter. Animal Haven stepped in to continue the work and now we, in turn, need you to help us close this chapter for both Bill and Animal Haven. If it weren’t for Animal Haven’s Recovery Road Fund, Bill probably would never have made it out of the city shelter, let alone get the serious medical attention he so badly needed. But that treatment was not inexpensive – let’s put it this way: he lived at a vet’s office for nearly two months. We all know how costly boarding fees can be!

So we’re turning to you, our friends, for some help in rebuilding the Recovery Road Fund so that Animal Haven will again be able to provide support to more animals who need their help in the future. To make a donation, please follow this link to our personal fundraising page on Animal Haven’s website. All of your donations are completely tax deductible, and more importantly, incredibly appreciated.

Bill Thanks You!

I so look forward to sharing Bill’s adventures with you, but with much love and luck, he will hopefully have a family to call his own by Thanksgiving – and that will truly be something to be thankful for!

Oh, did I mention that Bill loves plush toys? Well, he does:



7 Responses to “Introducing…My Boy Bill!”

  1. Kate November 8, 2011 at 2:55 PM #

    Poor guy was in rough shape in that shelter, I’m so glad he got the help he needed! It’s so great you’re fostering him!

  2. Rob Tierney November 9, 2011 at 1:37 PM #

    Bill radiates a wonderful disposition. He reminds me of my dog; whoever lives with Bill will have much happiness.


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