Pitbulls & Their People That Inspire Us

4 Nov

We often come across the most inspiring stories that involve pit bulls and their owners. Who doesn’t love dog stories? And, who doesn’t love ones that involve pitties…But ones that show the amazing spirit and determination of special pit bulls and their owners: those are priceless. Here are just a few that tickle us…

Fifty the 2-Legged PitBull

With only 2 legs, this self-described “differently-abled” pup shows us that you can get through life with very little. By taking a peek at his life on his Facebook, you can see how nothing can get him, or his mom, down.


A Man and His Dog

When we work in animal welfare, we constant confront sad stories about people giving up on their pets. It’s often the same story: no time, too big, too much energy. When these stories bog us down, we must think of the dedicated dog owners that will go to great lengths for their pets. The story of Craig Mosher and his paraplegic pitty, Loois, is one that will always make us smile and appreciate the bond between people and pets. I can’t imagine that dog living with anyone else!

Loois Armstrong Mosher

The Perfect Team: Jackie and Sal

When we first read their story on StubbyDog (a MUST-READ for pittie lovers!), we were touched in so many ways! Not only was Sal doing great work as a therapy dog, but Jackie chose a locked psychiatric facility for their work. We are sure this is a community that desperately needs the love and attention from some therabulls but often get over-looked. We can only imagine what an impact Sal and Jackie have made with these children and adults! If you think that your pittie has the makings of a therapy dog, you should seek certification and find a local group that would appreciate some furry attention. Therapy work is one more way to show the best of a breed that is often misunderstood while affecting change in the lives of people who may also be misunderstood.

Sal and Jackie

And lastly, a video to make you smile before the weekend…


One Response to “Pitbulls & Their People That Inspire Us”

  1. kate November 4, 2011 at 11:03 AM #

    Great stories 🙂

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