A Trip Across the River…

20 Oct

Over the weekend, That Touch of Pit (along with our pups Lucy & Goose) took a trip across the river to a wonderful fundraiser for Liberty Humane Society in Hoboken, NJ called Bark in the Park. While there, we met up with our good friend (and foster dad!) Dan and his pittie Revis.

Revis, Goose & Lucy

We were amazed at all the wonderful pit bulls in attendance. This was a great surprise because at similar events in New York City, most of the four-legged attendees are small dogs. The afternoon included lots of vendors with great goodies- from boiled wool dog toys to the fabulous pit bull-themed jewelry and calendars from Pitbull and Itty Pitties, and many supportive local pet-centric businesses and local animal welfare organizations.

Unfortunately, we missed the “official” Pit Bull Parade but we did get to meet many of them strolling in the park. There were pit bull type dogs in every shape, color and age! One of the special guests at Bark in the Park was Oogy, the subject of a New York Times bestseller. Oogy, the poor victim of abuse, has overcome many challenges and is now loved unconditionally by the Levin family. It was a pleasure to spend time with this special inspiring creature. We bought a signed copy which was the perfect birthday gift for a friend – and all the proceeds went directly to Liberty Humane – the best type of shopping!
Also in attendance were the Pinups for Pitbulls who were scouting for pinup pits for 2013! And, how can we forget all the adoptable dogs from Liberty Humane? Not only were the dogs walking around showing off their manners, many of them revealed that shelter dogs LOVE agility! We hope that some of the dogs found their forever homes on Sunday.

Photo by Chris Langston for Liberty Humane Society

Congratulations to all of the staff, volunteers and adopters at Liberty Humane! Check out more photos on Liberty’s FB Page!


3 Responses to “A Trip Across the River…”

  1. barbara Kennedy October 21, 2011 at 7:28 AM #

    Looks like a good time was had by all.The pictures were beautiful. Goose as pittie for a day was adorable. I’m currently reading ” Oogy-the dog only a fanmily could love” by Larry Levin. It’s inspirational on many levels.
    Thanks for starting this blog. Hopefully others will see the beautiful souls of dogs were educatecd to fear and shun for so long.
    Thanks, Jennifer.

  2. Mimi & Cabana October 23, 2011 at 9:20 AM #

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Jennifer! Your suggestions for celebrating pitties are terrific. I have told people I pass that I think it’s great they have a pit bull, and I always get such a surprised response, something like, “Wow, you’re the only person who thinks that.”

    We visited NYC for the first time at the end of May. I wish I had known about you then. It would have been fun to meet up! I was having serious dog withdrawals, so I photographed every dog I passed.


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